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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium


Work with me

Update(because I can't leave multiple reviews) I booked a full session & let me tell you it was life changing! I cannot believe all the facts she knew about me(someone across the world literally) I was blown away by Vanessa's warm energy & her insight. She was able to help me face some hard truths & gave me closure on many aspects of my life. I literally can't wait to book another session. I could have talked to her all day. Thank you again I couldn't express how grateful I am truly I appreciate your time & your energy

You will not be sorry to have this guidance book your session today

I had a mini reading & she picked up on things no one would know about me! Looking forward to booking a coaching session as soon as I can thank you for your time & energy

Hayley Burnam

Well what can i say. I plucked up the courage to jin a new gym class where i met the lovely outgoing, vibrant Vanessa. I just wished i could have felt her confidence and vibrance!
She was so open as i approached her in how she could help me grow emotionally and become so much more confident. She even taught through my meditations that i am able to tap into something far more higher than myself. Her programme was tailor made to my needs and i can honestly say that i never thought in all the years i have struggled emotionally, physically and mentally that i would ever get better!
Thank you so much Vanessa you completely changed my life xxx

Tracey Preston

EVERYTHING, was spot on. i love that you take the time to read for us. Honestly I've tried multiple time to hear from my grandma or to understand why she wouldn't come to me in my dreams. You were the only one who helped me. i am beyond grateful for coming across your page. Love & Light 10 stars!

Ericka Arquette

Fabulous reading at the Vintage Tea Party, definitely recommend, can't wait to see you again, thank you xx

Julia Hyland

She will help you...highly recommend

Tina War Bonnett

She is right on point with everything

Tabbatha Weaser

Very accurate and intense


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