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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

About me……….

About me……….


Professional Biography

The majority of spiritual enlighteners have had a dark journey. One that has lead them to becoming a victim of abuse, bullying and sexual misconducts. These experiences are very familiar to Vanessa as she has grown through years of abuse on all different levels.

Now a mother of two children which of whom she has nurtured through further difficult times, she has always managed to pull through with her mental strength and hardworking ethics.

Integrity is the key to her understanding of the bad and good in people. She has proven to many of the doubters and naysayers that anything is possible.

Becoming a single homeless mum of 19 whilst overcoming years of sexual exploitation she never gave up.

Her career in helping and nurturing people have taken her too many new heights. From starting out as a customer service representative to becoming a carer to the old and her beloved nan.

To becoming a Beauty Therapist where she succeeded in making people feel great about themselves and sharing her words of wisdom throughout their treatments and building a great business of mobile therapy.

From their Vanessa’s spiritual calling that got her through her darkest times in her earlier years was back. Thinking that she had psychosis and suffering with deep depression she sought out medical help only to be turned away with a packet of pills.

Growing up with these weaknesses she knew that this was not the answer and so she went seeking further education into growing her psychic ability, her mediumship through joining the spiritual church of Loughborough and working with numerous mentors to learn the outside world of spiritualism and growing her psyche.

She gained excellence status as a reiki master, aromatherapy healer and sports coach along with the understating through more education how important a good nutritional diet is.

From working at numerous health spa’s and salon’s she was sick of being pulled into the arrogant world of cold selling.
She was tired of seeing people that were becoming wealthy having no respect or understanding of what their client actually needed.
(Their sole purpose)

The way Vanessa has so much experience from the university of life and how she has nurtured herself to have faith and trust in humanity, her spiritual teachings and reprogramming of the clients’ mind to nurture the past by using the techniques drawn in from that client’s higher self and the physical teachings of nutrition and fitness has brought so much productive and prolific changes to other women’s lives.

The positive changes to these women have been immeasurable.


A message from Vanessa…….


Thank you so much darling for taking the time to come and visit me here at my website. You are here by no accident.  I would just like to say that there are a few options you can browse through here but if you would like to connect with me further then please feel free to join me on social media. Don’t forget the lives on Facebook and feel free to message me anytime with any queries you may have. Many blessings to you and happy browsing.



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