Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

Level 3 – Your Gift


So you have completed the first two levels and unfortunately you cannot begin level 3 without completing these previous two courses. The reason for this is because you have to learn about your truth and your faith and belief in your own abilities in order for self-growth.

I know it all sounds a bit wild but you are looking at this course or signing up to it for a reason and the fact is, is that you are ready to take action on the next step.

The three courses I have put together are still not enough to teach you everything but teaching you the fundementals and key aspects of what, why and who you will be able to grow from there.

In this course you will learn the following topics through video just like the others and receive your work books and pdf through email as weekly lessons.


The angel’s guidance and who you have with you right now. You will learn through the angels the different levels of energy and where they are situated closest to god.

You will learn and connect to your ascending masters through your mind powers that you have grown through the course so far.

You will learn the auras of humans and how colours and matching crystals are assigned to us for self-healing.

You will learn about your planet and your purpose to what your powers may well be.

You will learn to give readings as a psychic and a medium.

You will learn to share your messages to clients in positive ways.

You will learn your philosophy and how you, yourself can change the world as you go forth into this new realm of existence.

You will learn to have the confidence in growing your own tribe and teaching them to lead through spirit, how they can change to become an enlightened light beam just like you.

How to present yourself as a professional spiritual leader and coach.

How to treat people on an emotional level and how to communicate through spirit to translate messages to their lost loved ones.

This is the ultimate course if you are wishing to take your growth further to become a spiritual leader/ coach.



There is not a money back guarantee as this is a self-development spiritual growth course in which you are being taught the tools to get a far better outlook on your life and how to grow spiritually to bring yourself peace and harmony.

I am teaching you the tools that you have chosen to take, to make your life better for yourself.

I am a psychic/ medium/ spiritual life coach with 2o years’ experience.

Please see me about page to read more and to access my social media platforms where you can contact me direct and get to know me more through my live videos.  I am always happy to help you grow and to bring you peace.

20 videos, mp3’s for meditation, work book and pdf

you receive these through email where you have life time access too


Contact me for further details:

As the other courses you will receive weekly lessons through to your email for you to have for a life time’s access and receive your weekly calls from Vanessa direct at your convenience.