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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium



“May we give thanks to our world that we live in and for all that helps us along the way!”

Gratitude is rule no:2 to live a peaceful life in this existence you have been given. We generally give thanks to those that help us in a desperate situation. A doctor, a dentist, a nurse, a priest, a vet. Whom or whichever has stopped the pain, made you feel at ease or that solves a problem. This is when we sincerely; “Give Thanks”.
Mathew 6:21;


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”

Today you are looking into a device that is enabling you to receive love and guidance from me. You purchased this device through your money that you have earned through a job or whichever means that you made possible. You have been blessed with the opportunity to have the skills and ability to read, see, touch and hear. You are a blessed being working with the karma above that has made you apart of this world.
“You have everything you need when your head leaves the pillow!”
This is so true as you seriously do not need anything else. We could say the beauty of social media for our business’s and for us to share our gifts to the world is so easy now and for me to share my teachings across a globe that is surrounded by a forever expanding universe. If you want them to be, opportunities are endless and the love you may hold for you and your close ones is forever in your heart.
A heart that teaches you to feel love, sadness and connections throughout your physical body that is one of he most fascinating mechanisms throughout each and every planet!!
Wizard man;
“You May not need nothing. For all that you need is here with you, inside of you and around you!”
This is a message from my one of my guides. He over powers all my guides and he has done over the last few months.
He teaches me a lot and my connection within him is forever growing.
Each time I come out of spiritual teachings and practising with my guides and work with them in endless meetings on a higher plain, in order for me to understand so much more in order to heal and guide. I always thank each and everyone of the them individually.
There reply;
“No need Vanessa for all you project on to others is the way you show us you are forever grateful. But we are forever grateful for you to project this love and understanding unto others.”
How long would your list be if you were to make a gratitude list and give thanks to all those that need it and may have shown you peace and love.
What about all those times you have helped others.
It makes you feel responsible, loved and open to accept goodness throughout your day. It is the the 2nd rule to live by as a human in a 3d world.
1. Say hello and goodbye to anyone and everyone that passes. Watch them smile and leave them with a feeling of warmth
2. Thank you for anyone that you have done to them as they have done to you
3. Smile and be thankful that your actually alive and the possibility is endless within your reign here on earth so make a difference!!!

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