Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

Level 1 – Your Calling


Liberate Your Soul is a three level course where by you learn the tools you need to become a mystical healer, a psychic or a medium or maybe you want to be all three!!

Whether you are struggling after a nervous breakdown which in the spirit world we call “your awakening”, It’s all about learning the truth of our existence and spiritual well-being in order for us to move forward.

We all have a destiny and we all have a purpose. The courses I have created is from my own experiences through my journey as a transcending voyager.

A person who wishes to seek further beyond our existence here on earth and to live in peace.

The reason it is good for you to listen to your calling is simply that you are being true to yourself.

When we find this simple alignment all else falls into place.

Have a look here and see if Level 1 is for you otherwise you can contact me any time for further details.

Level 1: “Your calling”

Congratulations in finding your true self and hearing the messages and signs spirit are putting in your way. It is time to acknowledge them and here you can find out how:


The first 6 weeks is all about self-realisation and learning the ground rules before opening up the portals needed.

Everyone has a “gift” Over these first 6 weeks you will learn how to calm the mind and learn what and who you are. You will learn to connect to your soul and learn to find your purpose. You will learn about how our physical bodies need to be aligned with our spiritual self in order for us to grow physically and get more focused on our journey here.


You will learn the power of meditation and learn to open up your psychic portals.  You will learn to tap into these energetic fields to guide you through life changing decisions and help you along your way.


Mostly you will learn the power of the energy. The law of attraction. How it works on a daily basis and how you can have it work for you to live a life of freedom physically and emotionally. This in turn helps you understand the manifestation process and the power of visulisations.


Lessons learnt:

How to make the most of your day and learn to make time for self-reflection

How to make the most of your positive thoughts and learn to block negativity.

How to make the best version of yourself through learning certain meditations to clear your mind of any negativity.

Learn to gain a healthy nutritious diet and the power of yoga and exercise

Learn the 8 keys to life and how implementing them you can see how different aspects of your life can change.

Learn to understand the power of the chakra’s and how the human body can heal itself.

Learn to live a life of truth and self-relisation.


What you receive:

A weekly video on that week’s topic along with a pdf manual and work book for that week.

Everything is sent to your email and you will receive the learning pack every week for 6 weeks.

These lessons are available to you for a life time.

At the end of each week there is a call direct to you at your convenience to ask Vanessa directly of any concerns or questions you may have.

You have 24hour support through email.



There is not a money back guarantee as this is a self-development spiritual growth course in which you are being taught the tools to get a far better outlook on your life and how to grow spiritually to bring yourself peace and harmony.

I am teaching you the tools that you have chosen to take, to make your life better for yourself.

I am a psychic/ medium/ spiritual life coach with 2o year’s experience.

Please see me about page to read more and to acsess my social media platforms where you can contact me direct and get to know me more through my live videos.  I am always happy to help you grow and to bring you peace.

6 weeks, 20 videos, 6 work books and pdf’s

was £987

(limited time only)


Contact me for further details: