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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

Negative Thoughts

Some people call negative people soul suckers.

Some people call negative people rude, arrogant and some just ignore negative people all together.




A lot of negative people find life generally hard and they have every right to be. We do not come from earth and we do not like to be here at times.

Some take matters into their own hands and take the exit or meet their fate in other ways.

The thing is EVERYBODY has negative thoughts and everybody has negative thinking. Some scientist’s will say that it is our instinct’s warning us of danger and letting us protect ourselves from harm.

Others may speak of the growth of your ego and how that itself can destroy you through negative thinking.

I have spoken about this topic this month as it is the truthful explanation in why we have years and years of so called bad luck. What happened if I said to you there was no such thing as bad luck. There was no, “It’s always me” scenario’s. It’s all down to you and how you have chosen to live your life. There are so many factors into how our lives have been shaped by things being thrown at us and how we deal with them has determine where you stand right now reading this blog post.


Here are my 5 ways to deal with your negative thoughts and overcome sadness.


#1 Find yourself a new focus on what things are dragging you down. Even if it is your job there is no one holding a gun to your head for you to find a new one.


#2 Start something new that you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter what it is. Unless it involves injecting heroin (which I doubt) you are not going to die by trying something new.


#3 Starting something new and sorting out a new focus comes with time and it may also have a financial effect on your physical life so why not sort the bank account why your there. If you are in debt get help there are plenty of charities, go through your bank account and find what doesn’t really serve you.


#4 Now you have sorted these things you have a bit more of an idea what you can do with what you have now. Now it’s time to look to exercise as a form of release. It is so important to burn calories and sweat everyday doing something that you have found exciting and new. This in turn releases good bacteria and hormones around your body making you feel


#5 Learn to forgive and say thank you. Every day you would have had something to be thankful for. Whether you like that person or not. Thank them for giving you whatever it is they have put in your way to help you.
Shining your light helps somebody feel happy and accompanies them in feeling wanted and loved throughout their day.
It also makes you feel lovely and warm when you show somebody love and kindness.

Negative thoughts create illnesses around the body. They make you fat and ugly. Depressed and lazy. If you are jealous it can over take your life and there for your life will be nothing but a purgatory!

Think happy thoughts and happiness will come your way


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  1. Michelle Mcvey on April 28, 2019 at 11:04 am

    Very helpful insight

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