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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

Work With Me/ Book A Reading

Work With Me/ Book A Reading


Thank you so much for taking an interest in booking a session with me. I have three options for you;


1. Messages from spirit

Loosing somebody can be very difficult and a very sensitive thing but brave too. Hearing a message from your loved ones from the other side and hearing there messages of what happened and what’s happening to you here on earth can be a shock. Equally gaining clarity and understanding of yourself and to know that your lost loved one is safe makes you feel so content and happy. This is where a medium (somebody in between this world and the next) can help and assist in your grieving process.

£60 1hr session. Face to face or Through FaceTime 

You can book an appointment in person if you live in the Leicestershire area or through face time on facebook messenger to access me from anywhere in the world.


2.  Messages From A Psychic:

Asking yourself what happens next?

Where do I go from here and do I apply for that job is all in good nature to our existence here on earth. Seeing a psychic is giving you a spiritual counselling session where you can gain clarity on your here and now and plan your next 5 years.

You can even use this level of energy/ reading if you are looking to further your career, grow in your business and seek further guidance into your personal growth

1hr £60.00 FaceTime or in person

You are able to record the appointment if you wish.

I work with spirit, the universe and all things great through an energy that is completely beyond us and how we see our lives here in this three dimensional world.


3. How can I access my spiritual gifts and build a successful business helping others?

How can I access my gifts and assist in my own self-development?

Liberate your soul is a course I have built through my own experiences in life. Using my gifts have assisted me in the deepest darkest times of my life and have always helped even when I have had no idea what I was doing.

The link to access more information

More information on this course is available through this link:


General Questions Asked:

What will I gain from a reading with you

You will learn to connect to your higher self through basic meditation tactics which can be a great take away if you suffer from stress, anxiety and high blood pressure. I will take you through a vision where you can see for yourself how great you truly are and how you can access this higher realm everybody is raving about.

I will be “downloading” information  from the other side with relevant descriptions for you to resonate with and your guides will guide me through your next journey that is awaiting you in this physical form of life.

How do I book an appointment?

You can contact me direct here :

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