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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

What’s love got to do with it?!

Que Tina Turner: “What’s love got to do with it?!”

Yes, this month’s blog post is all about LOVE! February has gone away, and March has begun. Finally, your new year’s resolution has dwindled away and you can now focus on your true self as we enter 2019!

Welcome to this month’s post on “Love”. It is the most underestimated feeling in the world and the universe. What does love have to do with it?

Spirit Says:

“Without Love there is nothing you can learn from yourself or the experiences you can gain on this journey.”

I interpret that. Without love you are nothing but an atom swimming around in this huge space.

Love covers many emotions and feelings we have for each other compassion, integrity, ambition, drive, empathy, understanding. Without these feelings and loss of self-worth and for one another you have hatred, anger, wars, addictions, stress, illness, diseases.

Just like the spiritual laws, the keys of life. Whatever they keep calling these so called laws to live by it all comes back to the same thing.

Good and Evil.

Now; if your reading this blog post your probably wondering where’s the part where I find how to attract my true love?

I’m not I’m afraid and if your reading this to find the love spell then you’ll be quite disappointed.

As a medium/ psychic/ spiritual coach spirit and I are not here to tell you what to do. Your life is full of choices and decision’s. You are given these options to build your life and your experiences.

The word good holds a three-letter word G.O.D. The word evil adding the letter D would create the word D.E.V.I.L. This is the dark and the light that leads us throughout our lives. The sun and moon, the masculine and feminine energy.

I’m not going all religious on you, that’s not what I’m about. But I am here to explain the different levels of energy and how male and female energies attract. The ying and yang. As much as there is evil (the devil) there is goodness (god) when the sun is up there is light and when the moon shines there is only darkness. This is the same as how we work on different emotions as humans.


For example:

People get robbed, hurt more at night than they do in the day.

In the day we feel happy and energised we feel able to explore and move on up with our lives and what they have install for us.

There are different levels of love. Just like there are different levels of energy in the spirit world. Our love for our children for example is different to love of our partners. The love for our job is different for the love of our dog and so on. Everything in our world has a different status a different level.

If you’re an abused victim that has suffered a lot of trauma from a past relationship and you have had to go and start your life all over again. Your love for yourself is diminished as you have been made to feel like this.

You are just existing to survive. You may have a young child that has been the result of your abuse and so you have a reason to continue your life in some way. It’s at this time you may well find it hard to get over the past trauma, that you find it hard in any way to continue to find faith in humanity. This is a negative emotion that leads to many different affects on your life. You then have a completely different view on your next partner your next love. It all depends on how you feel and the energy that you project in what your love and energy will attract.

If your feeling sorry for yourself you’re not going to find love sat behind a computer screen. Find the courage and get out there. Work on yourself for others to respect you how you wish to be respected.

Shakespeare once wrote in Act 1 Scene 1; Midsummer Nights Dream

“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind therefore is winged cupid painted blind”

Shakespeare was one of the most famous writers and play writes in the world that has had his works continue through many generations. His plays speak truth and his language was new and exciting especially in Elizabethan times. He had drive, ambition, passion and his spiritual awareness was through his words. Spiritual awareness is in every aspect of our success because you believe in yourself. Shakespeare is a good example of listening to the silence and being guided through his journey as a human being that has left a legacy. His famous stories are based on Love. Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Midsummer nights dream just to name a few all in the love of passion and great drama.

We all love a good love story whether you are male or female. It makes a great story to know that everything turns out ok in the end and the grasp of love at the end of a dramatic story always holds hope in our eyes.


The story of the two sisters that had completely different examples of relationships with there partners is on this month’s podcast where you can access here:

You can also share your love story or share how you feel in yourself so as you can attract nothing but goodness.

I always love hearing from you and if there is anything, I can help you with please feel free to get in touch xxx

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