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Vanessa Vassallo

Spiritual Coach / psychic / medium

Why do spiritual people become ill and die of western diseases?


I never understood about the authors of the endless books I read about psychics, mediums and spiritual leaders dying of modern day western diseases. After all if your psychic you should no how well your health is as time moves on through your meditation you should be opening up to YOU and understanding where and what you need to do in order to heal yourself and grow as a leader of spiritual lightness.

I sat one grizzly day staring out the patio doors contemplating.
‘What else could I share with my audience?’ Sipping my coffee from my china cup and saucer (it always tastes better from China don’t you think?) I saw Dave my aborigine guide. He appeared behind me in my reflection.
He had his tribal paint on and banged his staff to the ground to catch my attention.
His white paint strategically placed across his eyes highlighting the deep browned of his beautiful bright mystical eyes.

“Hey darling!” He shouted through me ear. That’s language I understand as his accent is so strong the Australian twang is a far cry from what you hear today!

He carried on to guide me through his honest spoken words of wisdom-about how the land we live on is poisoned and unless we grow spiritually listening to the sounds of the earth and protect our own space we will forever more become sick.

I totally understood what he was saying!
How could I not?

It makes sense and we all know exactly what we’re doing!

The reason why so many of these mystics die so early of illnesses, is because they forget to care for themselves!

It doesn’t matter who you are. You either have believes or you don’t! It’s as simple as that but as I’ve said many a times in my videos there is a majority of you that end up believing that there is more to life and the key for living a healthy and fulfilling life doesn’t come from the mystic side!!

Some people believe that everything will come to them if they ask the universe for it, others believe that there is no such thing as magic and you have to work your arse off for it, then die before you can enjoy it!

I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong in anything in life. Rules are not rules and systems have a different place in different motions of work, play and peace.

What happened to these mystics and leaders of the self-help movement?!!

They never LISTENED to their inner self, realising how many people they could help reaping what they sew. As time moves on and you become “famous” you are fulfilling the devils work and that evil, darkness that lives in all of us is awakened. The benefits of goodness and opportunities that came to you when money is no issue is a great thing but knowledge is FREE and having IT will save your life!

(Look up Chris McCandless)

Forgetting about there own health, forgetting about there beliefs and forgetting that there is always work to be done.

Reading, asking questions, being intuitive doesn’t just come from seeing, believing, hearing or sensing something. It comes from
Understanding, knowing, trusting.

Words are powerful and can alter anyone’s believes or mind. Even the psyche!

People are too selfish at times to understand that even though you’ve had a reading it doesn’t mean your life’s going to change just like that!!

A reading comes from your future self and what energy circulates you at that time. It might be energy from a lost loved one or that of your guide wants you to act on something great!!

It’s all guidance and messages for you to ACT on!
Not to sit back and think that your life is going to change because you’ve spoke to your dead auntie!!

You have to look after number 1 otherwise no one else can be healed!

Dave Says; “It’s never too late, act now and act forever! Change is the past, present and future!”

Many blessings

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